Our courses are collections of modules that provide students the opportunity to consolidate previous learning, explore new content, and learn to think functionally as creative problem solving strategy. Working with spreadsheets as their primary tool, students will build the deep understanding for their future study of mathematics, the skills needed in a STEM centered-world, and the spreadsheet fluency to reason quantitatively, understand coding, visualize patterns, and solve the problems of the digital age.

Spreadsheets 101
Learn the basics of spreadsheets in just 6 simple spreadsheet lessons. We suggest you start here to learn how to use spreadsheets and to think functionally.

Middle School Readiness 
Learn arithmetic visually and functionally to build and strengthen a sense of number and the use of spreadsheets.

High School Readiness
Get ready for algebra by taking a fresh approach to ratio, to the solving of story problems, and to a solid foundation in linear functions

College Readinesss
Prepare for college math with our interactive, visual, and concrete Labs on functions. Build both the knowledge and fluency you will need for college algebra and for calculus but the functional thinking problem solving and spreadsheet skills you will need for life and work.