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NCTM Nashville October 4, 2019

Exploring Mathematical Concepts with Dynamically Linked Multiple Representations Using Spreadsheets
Fri, 10/4: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
60 Minutes
Music City Center
Room: 207 AB
How can we build multiple representations into teaching and learning activities? This can be a challenging task, but technology provides the means to do this effectively and efficiently. Join us in for an engaging interactive session to experience how a wide range of math topics can be dynamically represented and linked using spreadsheets.

Google Sheets Agenda and Spreadsheets

Microsoft Excel Agenda and Spreadsheets

ATMIN 2018

Spreadsheets Across the Curriculum

Take a Tour with us to discover an exciting new way to imagine mathematics, solve problems, learning coding fundamentals, and use spreadsheets. Workshop-Agenda-ATMIM-10.27.18