Single Concepts

It is surprising how life loops around returning to similar, perhaps familiar would be a more appropriate word, ideas. My first foray into developing curriculum using technology started in 1968 at a company called Ealing in their Film Loop division as their physical science and math editor. I was to teach single concepts, as we …


Science of Patterns

“The rapid growth of computing and applications has helped cross-fertilize the mathematical sciences, yielding an unprecedented abundance of new methods, theories, and models. Examples from statistical science, core mathematics, and applied mathematics illustrate these changes, which have both broadened and enriched the relation between mathematics and science. No longer just the study of number and …


The Original Spreadsheet

Why Spreadsheets?

9 reasons spreadsheets should be the mathematics engine of choice in schools. Spreadsheets are equity platforms available to all students at no cost. They can give every student a fresh start in math. Spreadsheets from Microsoft, Google, and Apple are ubiquitous, easy to use, powerful, and part of a suite with common, familiar, supported interfaces. …