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Baseball and Math

If you are a Bostonian by address, birth, or just a connection, you can’t help but be full of pride this morning for your baseball… Read more


The words curious and curiosity do not appear in the Mathematics Common Core Standards document, yet they are arguably the most important words in mathematics… Read more

Function Machines

I do not know who, when, or where this iconic mathematical representation was developed. It is, however, one of the most powerful and ubiquitous of… Read more

Functional Thinking

We call our problem-solving process, functional thinking. When we apply functional thinking to digital age problem solving, we find a few fundamental models give us… Read more

Getting Started

Our goal is to enable every student to use mathematics to become a better creative problem solver. In this digital age, awash in data and… Read more

Headmath vs. Handmath

There are really two kinds of mathematics we do every day. I like to call one headmath and the other handmath, one is the mental… Read more

Math as a Laboratory Science

Math is not only the last letter in STEM or STEAM, it is the only one that we do not picture as experimental. We don’t… Read more

Personalized Learning

These two words have caught the imagination of educators and parents. They were designed to be the frames for talking about the value of digital… Read more

Personalizing Learning

Envisioning technology that reinvents our schools not automates them should, I believe, be our goal and our dream for personalizing learning. Read more

Stand and Deliver

It was an appropriate title for the movie about Jaime Escalante and it is an appropriate title for the role that teachers continue to play.… Read more

The Problem with MOOCs

When MOOCs were the rage in higher education, I asked my friend David Kaiser, a physicist and professor of the history of science at MIT,… Read more

Welcome to What if Math

Three years ago I read a wonderful book by Keith Devlin called The Man of Numbers. It told the story of Leonardo of Pisa who was… Read more

What Algebra?

Each summer, as schools get ready for a new school year, the question returns, “Should we be teaching algebra to our children?” it seems to… Read more